filter tests

according to ISO 9360-1 / 9360-2 / 23328-2

System quality assurance

TIM tests your HME, HMEF and filter for you with innovative AQA-II technology. By measuring the moisture loss and pressure drop at HME* or HMEF* as well as tracheostoma HME/HMEF** and filters***, TIM validates your product in line with market requirements.

* (according to DIN EN ISO 9360-1:2009 (ISO 9360-1:2000))
** (according to DIN EN ISO 9360-2:2009 (ISO 9360-2:2001)
[not possible for VT<250 ml])
*** (according to DIN EN ISO 23328-2:2009 (ISO 23328-2:2002))

The results of the HME, HMEF and filter tests contribute significantly to clarifying essential questions:

Are all user requirements met?

Is the intended use complied with?

Are all specification requirements met?

Are there any restrictions in terms of the purpose and use?

Have sources of error been identified?

You can rely on TIM to assist you in clarifying all these questions.
With experience of more than 25 years behind us, our automated test bed tests your HME, HMEF and filter reliably and exhaustively.

For all further information on our HME, HMEF and filter portfolio, please refer to the Information Sheet