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Arkon General

Data transfer builds bridges

No software adaptation

As soon as the cables are connected and you start using ARKON, it automatically transfers the data from the MIRUS Controller

Live values

The data from the MIRUS Controller is displayed on the patient monitor and continuously updated


If the MIRUS Controller or patient monitor changes, ARKON automatically readjusts

Fast data transfer

ARKON is quick and easy to connect to the MIRUS Controller and patient monitor. Once connected, ARKON immediately starts transferring the data.

Saves space

With its compact, sleek housing, ARKON is easy to integrate and install

ARKON Data Bridge​

The ARKON Data Bridge is a medical device for transferring data signals from the MIRUS Controller to a patient monitor. In operation, measurements and alarms are transferred unencrypted and unmodified.

Philips Option

Compatible with
Philips IntelliVue MP40-90 and MX400-850 
MIRUS Controller ≥ SW 2.02.01
Arkon Philips


Data Bridge for Philips IntelliVue

MIRUS Controller

The ARKON PH connects the MIRUS Controller to Philips Intellivue patient monitors. In operation, measurements and alarms are transferred unencrypted and unmodified:
- Parameters: etCO2 and etVA
- High-priority alarms
- MACset

Philips IntelliVue patient monitor

In order to use ARKON Data Bridge with a Philips IntelliVue patient monitor, it is connected to the integrated or modular IntelliBridge EC10 interface on the patient monitor by means of the IntelliBridge EC5 ID module.
The ARKON Data Bridge can be connected to a Philips information centre via the IntelliBridge EC40/80 hub.

Product Information