ORS Clean Air

Passive patient gas disposal

Safety on a clear path

Safety on a clear path

With the “Clean Air” Open Reservoir Scavenging System, the exhaled gas from the patient is routed via the ventilator's expiration outlet to the vacuum outlet and disposed of safely. The primary aim is to ensure the safety of both patient and user.

Minimum space required

Fits seamlessly into the existing system.


No electrical supply required - powered by an existing vacuum system.

Wide compatible

Die meisten gängigen Beatmungsgeräte adaptierbar.

Easy to install

Clean air in no time at all.

No other accessories necessary

No filters, no disposable parts, no consumables.



Recommended for most ventilators and installation situations.


Recommended for MAQUET Servo-i and Servo-u ventilators and installation situations.


Recommended for Hamilton S1 and G5 ventilators and installation situations.