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Founded in 1998, TIM GmbH has become a successful consulting, development and manufacturing company in the fields of intensive care, anaesthesia and airway management.

The synergy of technical expertise and in-depth understanding of users' requirements in the clinical environment enables TIM to bring you the medical devices of tomorrow. Today.

With years of experience at our disposal, TIM develops innovative and customised medical solutions with our team of engineers, computer scientists and numerous experts in cooperation with international corporations.

Intelligent medical technology – from the initial concept through to development and then contract manufacturing.
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TIM is a proud member of Dahlhausen Group.


We present:
SmartVap™ – The modern way of anasthesia.

Inhalative Sedation

Learn more about inhaled sedation: for example, with topics such as "Basics of inhalative Sedation."
Putting people first, TIM develops products and innovations with the goal of facilitating the daily work of medical professionals in the intensive care setting.

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