Driving technology forward. Putting people first.

Technologie Institut Medizin

Medical technology of tomorrow. Today.

Founded in Göttingen in 1998, TIM GmbH has become a successful consulting, development and manufacturing company in the fields of intensive care, anaesthesia and airway management. By combining medical and engineering expertise in ventilation and anaesthesia, TIM is able to understand clinical and care issues, and develop tailored concepts. TIM understands the language of the users and is pursuing the goal of improving the workplace environment through optimised medical devices that are easy to operate.

Driving technology forward. Putting people first.

The Company

TIM Vision

Putting people first, TIM develops products and innovations with the goal of facilitating the daily work of medical professionals in the intensive care setting.

TIM Expertise

Developing complex medical technology products.
Contract manufacturing of medical devices according to international standards.
Solutions for customer-specific testing, inspection and measurement procedures.
Innovative ventilation and anaesthesia systems. Medical measuring systems.
Flow and pressure application systems plus control and regulation systems.
Marketing concepts.

TIM Quality Standards

TIM GmbH has over 30 qualified and committed employees who are committed to and actively implement the quality processes of DIN EN 13485:2016 – because quality is our top priority.

As a company certified to DIN EN 13485:2016, TIM GmbH implements national and international quality standards when developing new and innovative medical technology

TIM Responsibility

TIM is conscious of its responsibility towards its employees, fellow human beings and the environment.
TIM supports the aim of achieving a good work/life balance and assists young people in entering professional life as well as facilitating research for final dissertations by Bachelor's and Master's candidates and students working for their doctorate.
In addition to developing and implementing environmentally-friendly systems, TIM is involved in a number of charitable projects.

History of TIM

  • 1998

    TIM GmbH is founded

  • 2001

    Market launch: Centiva, intensive ventilators

  • 2004

    Product upgrade: Centiva+

  • 2011

    Gas application system: MIRUS

  • 2011

    Open Reservoir Scavenger: Clean Air

  • 2011

    Industry award: Leading by innovation, SUCCESS

  • 2016

    Patient simulation: AQA-II

  • 2018

    Stifterverband quality seal “Innovation through Research”

  • 2019

    Company moves to new Koblenz headquarters

  • 2021

    Vaporizer (DES)


  • 2021

    Part of
    Dahlhausen Group


Dipl. Kfm.
Ulrich Dahlhausen


Study of business administration including 1 year of study abroad in the USA.
Education as wholesale and retail salesman.


12 years CEO of Dahlhausen Group.
18 years of experience as managing director.
Experience in sales and marketing
More than 20 year's experience in the field of medical technology.
15 months OP experience in Bonn.
1 year experience in export (Catalonia).

Current occupation

CEO Dahlhausen Group.