Bottle Adapter

Perfect fit. Perfectly safe.

Always the right solution

Always the right solution

With the coded TIM filling adapters for desflurane, sevoflurane and isoflurane, filling the volatile anaesthetic couldn’t be simpler.

The adapter coding and matching coding in MIRUS™ Controller make it impossible to mix up the adapters.

They are designed to prevent fluid leakage, thereby protecting the user from coming into contact with the liquid volatile anaesthetic.

* Only adaptable to the MIRUS Controller.



Fits to (e.g.):

AbbVie – Forane
Piramal Critical Care – Isoflurane
Baxter – Forane, Aerrane


Fits to (e.g.):

AbbVie – Ultane
Piramal Critical Care – Sevoflurane, USP
Baxter – Sevoflurane, USP


Fits ONLY to AbbVie – Sevorane


Fits ONLY on Sevoflurane (USP) bottles with integrated Safe-T-Seal valve from Baxter


Fits ONLY on sevoflurane bottles (Sevoflurane Piramal 100%) with integrated safety valve from Piramal Critical Care


Fits ONLY to Suprane by Baxter