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Made for one another

Made for one another

LISA 44 is a rebreathing system (reflector) for the electronic anaesthetic vaporiser MIRUS™.

LISA 44 is a medical device for single use on one patient, which enables safe administration of volatile anaesthetics.

LISA 44 features intuitive and simple handling, long durability and duration of use as well as a small dead space and a high reflection rate.


Intuitive and safe connection to the MIRUS™ thanks to connector coding and haptic feedback.


Easy integration in the patient’s ventilation tube system between the Y-piece and HME filter (various commercially available HME filters can be used*).

*A list of compatible HME filters can be found in the documents.


LISA 44 stands out with a dead space of 44 ml and a high reflection rate, which helps to reduce the consumption and thus the costs of volatile anaesthetics.


LISA 44 may be used on one patient for up to seven days after the initial connection.
The durability is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

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