Automatic inhalative sedation

The assistant by your side

Target level-controlled sedation

Cruise control with integrated MAC pilot

Integrated reliable monitoring

Continuous synchronised monitoring of gas and respiratory parameters

Environmentally-friendly system

DOGA and Clean Air for efficient gas application

Optimised work processes

Save time through user-friendly interface

Many different connectivity options

Compatible with your preferred ventilation and PDMS system

MIRUS™ System

MIRUS Controller

The MIRUS Controller automatically regulates the required amount of volatile anaesthetic (VA), adapted to the patient, starting at a tidal volume of 200 ml (paediatric to adult use). This means that VA is only applied during inspiration. The MIRUS Controller monitors the etVA and etCO2 values and respiratory parameters. It features simplified user interfaces, safe filling of the VA, an automatic safety stop and smart alarm management.


MIRUS Reflector

The MIRUS Reflector is a micro rebreathing system with a highly effective carbon reflector. It can be used on all patients for up to 7 days.

MIRUS Filter

The MIRUS Filter is reliable in eliminating all germs in the respiratory gas and can be used for up to 48 hours.



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