Target level-controlled inhalative sedation

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The MIRUS™ is an electronic anaesthetic vaporiser that enables the user to administer a defined concentration of volatile anaesthetic (VA) to a patient.
To do so, the MIRUS™ uses a compatible rebreathing system (reflector), which is integrated in the patient’s ventilation tube system between the Y-piece and HME filter. Based on the evaluation of certain measured parameters, such as respiratory volumes, the MIRUS™ calculates the amount of vaporised volatile anaesthetic (VA) to be delivered to the patient, which is only delivered into the rebreathing system during inspiration.
The MIRUS™ is available for the volatile anaesthetics isoflurane and sevoflurane.

Target level-controlled sedation

MAC pilot function for customised control of the amount of VA delivered.

Optimised work processes

Save time through the user-friendly user interface.

Integrated reliable monitoring

Supplementary, continuous recording and display of various gas and breathing parameters.

Diverse connectivity options

Compatible with many common ventilation systems.

Optimised for consumption

Responsible use of volatile anaesthetics.

Safety management

Intelligent alarm management with integrated safety stop, e.g. in the event of disconnection.


Diffusion-optimised gas application (DOGA) for VA delivery tailored to the patient's inspiration.

Safe filling

Easy and safe filling via coded filling adapter. Overfill protection integrated in the device.

Two who belong together.



The new rebreathing system for the MIRUS™.

The medical device certified according to MDR is intended for single use and can be used for up to seven days.

LISA 44 replaces the current MIRUSTM Reflector.


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Bottle Adapter

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