Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM) in Andernach, Deutschland

Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM)

Certified quality

Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH

Our manufacturing is successful certified after ISO 13485 by TÜV Nord since 2009, and has been confirmed again and again in regular audits.

TIM manufactures:

  • Medical technology
  • Medical technology measuring systems
  • Production means & tools
  • Test & measuring systems for medical ventilation, anesthesia and respiratory gas conditioning
  • As a pilot manufacturer: customer designed medical technology products
  • Customized solutions for testing and measuring in the field of medical technology
  • Systems for flow and pressure application, control and regulation
  • For third parties: products in the prototype, pilot and preproduction stage
  • Smallest quantities in the ramp-up phase

TIM's manufacturing

TIM's manufacturing is not to be understood as mass production. TIM's production provides customers with the option to go through ramp-up phases with little expenditure of their own and to manufacture small quantities of devices. In cooperation with the customer's manufacturing engineering, we bring the customer's product to a maturity and quality that can later be transferred to the customer's own manufacturing departments or external vendors (so-called contract manufacturers) for series production. Including finished means of production, production aids and appropriate means for testing.

In the sense of a cooperation at eye level and symbiotic relations with the customer, we are happy to refer series production to companies of our manufacturing network.

Product maturation in the ramp-up phase

Already during development, a process starts at TIM that unites developers, suppliers and production coworkers, in order to already minimize potential problems in later production during product conception: manufacturing-engineering. Our network makes it possible to optimize later producibility by interdisciplinary work - e.g. with industrial aluminum designers, moldmakers, injection molders and production. Even before the first screw has been tightened, and the first circuit board has been installed.

Production/ manufacturing for third parties

TIM's manufacturing is also available to third parties for the manufacturing of small quantities of prototypes. A further service of TIM is to perform pilot or preproduction process validations. In the so-called ramp-up phase, TIM can score with services and prices that mass production does not make possible at this time.

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