Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM) in Andernach, Deutschland

Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM)

Coworkers at TIM

Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH

Work with verve and purpose

Coworkers at TIM...

  • benefit from a transparent overtime regulation
  • in full-time enjoy a vacation entitlement far above the legal minimum
  • organize their work hours flexibly without bureaucracy
  • work in a motivated and motivating team
  • work on exciting tasks
  • work constantly on new challenges
  • work with interesting customers
  • work on thrilling projects
  • may also work from home
  • park right next to the building
  • have a short walk to the local train station

Corporate culture at TIM

TIM's corporate culture is based on competence and cooperation, not on hierarchy. With new staff, the ability to blend in with the existing team has priority over all other qualifications. A TIM coworker participates in strategic management decisions as much as in company profits. Company key performance indicators can be examined by all TIM coworkers at any time. TIM coworkers are informed about the "state of health" of the company at regular intervals.

Inspiring the coworkers

TIM coworkers participate in substantial decisions within the company. Whether it is the personal organization of the work area, the introduction of IT-EDP systems or new processes, the magical word is Together! In this, TIM makes a point of involving all affected coworkers in the sense of employee participation, so that they can present their point of view as well.

Career and family

Mothers and fathers working part-time or full-time at TIM may make their own hours. With this, TIM makes it possible that the volume of work can be done partly at home, if this is required by family circumstances. This way, TIM would like to contribute to balancing career and family. Naturally, vacation planning is also coordinated in the team. For TIM colleagues it goes without saying that mothers and fathers have priority in vacation planning.

As support and safe haven for TIM coworkers, it is important to TIM to support families.

Coworker continuing education

TIM internally conducts coworker training courses in the main focuses of work. External measures for continuing education concerning the TIM main focuses of work: TIM facilitates job-shadowing in the hospital, the operating theater and the intensive care unit for coworkers at various hospitals cooperating with us. From Hamburg to Andernach. In coordination with the personnel development plan, coworkers are purposefully sent to specialization-specific continuing education events.

TIM is also happy to support coworkers financially in private, career-related measures for continuing education.

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