MIRUS™ Controller


Please note:

  • Each version has its own separate instructions for use.

  • Different instructions for use apply if using MIRUS controller devices with hardware version 2.x.

  • Hardware version 2.0 has serial numbers that start with the number 2.

Determining the hardware version

Determining the serial number

Instructions for use

General Documents

MIRUS Brochure




MIRUS technical specifications


MIRUS and inner clinical transport


MIRUS Mounting Rail


MIRUS Mounting Vesa


MIRUS target control




MIRUS and NO or active humidification

MIRUS EC Declaration of Conformity


Declaration according to article 12, MIRUS System and ventilators


Declaration according to article 12, MIRUS System


MIRUS off label use


TIM Decontamination certificate

MIRUS information about Covid-19


MIRUS transport package and Covid-19


MIRUS and COPD / Covid-19