MIRUS™ Controller


MIRUS™ Controller

  1. Alarm lights
  2. Fill port
  3. Park Bay
  4. Power connection
  5. Interface receptacle for MR
  6. Confirm button
  7. Touch screen
  8. Fire wire port. Serial data output for PDMS.
  9. Nurse call port to forward high priority alarms
  10. LAN connection, exclusively for production and service purposes

Colour code for the different volatile anaesthetic agents (VA)

Colour for Sevoflurane

Colour for Isoflurane

Colour for Desflurane

MIRUS Reflector

VA Application and reflection with the MIRUS™ Reflector.

MIRUS System

VA Application and scavenging in the ventilation circuit.

Video Guide

Connecting the system

Connecting MR and MF

Connection: Ventilator and patient

Setting patient data

Setting alarm limits

Opening and closing the filling port flap

Filling with VA e.g. of sevoflurane

Attaching bottle adapter: BA-SEV-SV

Attaching bottle adapter: BA-DES-S

Starting the application and changing the MAC value

Changing the Wash-In speed

Pausing and stopping the application

Switching off the MIRUS Controller