Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM) in Andernach, Deutschland

Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM)

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Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH

Development at TIM, Germany

TIM Products combines technical expertise, knowledge of the underlying physics and medical applications into a synergy that generates devices for anesthesia and medical ventilation made for humanity. As head and project managers, we are directing a large interdisciplinary network of developers and physicians, medical staff.

TIM's internationally composed association of researchers creates the latest knowledge in research and development.

Current treatment strategies in medical ventilation and anesthesia, as well as ambitious upcoming medical procedures and trends are combined with current developments by our also internationally composed network of physicians, nursing staff and med-techs. TIM's medical network ranges from primary care, preventive care-hospitals up to university hospitals and hospital chains.

TIMs development portfolio

  • Medical technology in medical ventilation and anesthesia
  • Medical technology measuring systems
  • Test systems for medical technology
  • Production means & tools
  • Test & measuring systems for medical ventilation, anesthesia and respiratory gas conditioning
  • Customized solutions for testing and measuring in the field of medical technology
  • Systems for flow and pressure applications, control and regulation
  • Marketing concepts

Development of innovative medical technology products

At TIM Products, our focus is on the development and manufacture of innovative medical devices and medical application systems for medical ventilation and anesthesia. We develop highly innovative products for well-known international players on the market. This basically means: Products and application systems of the class intensive care ventilators and anesthesia devices.

Development of special measuring instruments for medical ventilators and anesthesia devices.

Moreover, we have also made a name for ourselves in the development of products for the medical technology industry: the development of special measuring instruments for medical ventilators and anesthesia devices. To be exact, measuring and testing technology for the verification and validation of new development of innovative medical technology devices. Frequently, engineers of test institutes for medical technology face the problem that new, suitable methods of measuring and testing have to be designed and developed for innovative products, as well as special measuring and testing devices for verification.

Development of dedicated service tools

After successful verification, validation and market introduction of novel, innovative medical technology products, another problem arises at the latest with servicing the devices: How can proper service of the equipment be guaranteed for new forms and procedures of an application. Also here, TIM provides an answer: Every now and then, special service procedures and/or service hardware and software have to be developed and validated at the same time as the actual medical technology equipment.

Focusing on the user

We do not just develop devices, application systems and forms of application or advise on product concept questions. Our thinking goes beyond that: With the well-being of the patient in focus, we resort to an extensive network of physicians and nurses. In close cooperation with leading hospitals and primary care hospitals - national and international - we are developing the integrated way. Therefore, TIM considers itself an interface between medicine and technology. We understand the "language" of both sides. Our background is in technology and medicine. TIM is at the side of the user: In operation theaters and intensive care units, within the immediate reach of the user. Thus, TIM can offer not only clinical function tests, but also examine the acceptance of the equipment by the user in specific cases of application, and can already optimize it during conception.

TIM develops marketing strategies

With experience of over 30 years in the medical technology business, TIM Products can help also with marketing and brand positioning of a product in the world-wide medical technology market: marketing support for sophisticated medical devices in anesthesia and medical ventilation. Assessment not only of the company’s own products but also those of the competitor. With analyses of the actual benefit to patient and operator. With benchmark analyses of performance data during product positioning.

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