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Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM) in Andernach, Deutschland

Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM)

The TIM GmbH

Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH

TIM was founded in 1998 in the surroundings of the University Medicine Göttingen. Founders, coworkers and external partners have long years of interdisciplinary knowledge and abilities in the fields of medicine and technology.

Since the founding of TIM in 1998, TIM is located in Andernach; at first only with one branch and since 2009 with both divisions. The city at the Middle Rhine offers many advantages with its infrastructure, the offers of the promotion of trade and industry Andernach.net, the short distance to two major highways as well as the airports Cologne/Bonn (CGN) and Frankfurt (FRA). Last but not least, the proximity to the coworkers is crucial for this decision on the site, which has been confirmed again and again.

TIM consists of two divisions, which are based on the established QMS V-model. Highly simplified, this can be described as follows: TIM Products is responsible for the development of a product up to the implementation of customer specifications. When the tip of the V-model has been reached, TIM TestLab takes over as expert for verification and validation. After successful verification and validation - also of production processes, TIM TestLab returns the project and the following series production to TIM Products.

Our coworkers – among them emergency medical technicians and intensive care nurses - are regularly working side-by-side with the user. With job-shadowing, workshops, product introductions and training, TIM coworkers are regularly immersed in the professional environment of medical personnel and hospital technicians. Learn from them. Hear their concerns and needs. Accompany physicians and nurses in the operation theater and on the intensive care unit. Moreover, we have access to an established network of medical personnel – both nationally and internationally - if the evaluation of questions is an issue. All this is under the direction of our medical advisor Prof. Dr. Jörg Rathgeber, Chief Physician for Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine at the Albertinen Hospital Hamburg.

Therefore, TIM understands the "language" of the users and knows their work flow, understands the clinical application from the point of view of the users. Thus, TIM can substantially increase the suitability of a new and innovative medical device for use. This increases the application safety for the treated patient and reduces the strain on the users.

Our core competency is the know-how in the medical and engineering aspects of medical ventilation and anesthesia. This puts us in the position to see the clinical application from the users' point of view - to understand the clinical, medical and nursing issues - and to use this ability to develop concepts for new applications and products. These become the "incarnated answer" of medical technology to user problems and needs.

Our customers benefit from almost decades of experience in the fields of medical ventilation, air conditioning and ventilation concepts.

TIM Products

Consulting, development and manufacturing are the core competencies of TIM Products in the field of medical ventilation and anesthesia devices, as well as airway management systems. Our expertise in this field is based on an engineer’s understanding of the physics of pressure/flow measurements, control and application of gases and liquids and appropriate phase conversion.

TIM Products stands for the synergy of technical expertise, knowledge of the underlying physics and knowledge of applications in the clinical environment. This synergy permits TIM Products to develop anesthesia and ventilation devices that are made for humanity. More about TIM Products…

TIM TestLab

TIM TestLab offers extensive test services for medical devices and accessories. Highly qualified engineers with specialized test equipment are focused on the fields of medical ventilation and anesthesia. TIM TestLab is a competent partner and independent test institute in the testing and validating of medical ventilators, anesthesia products and airway management products in general. For TIM TestLab, the development of customized test solutions goes without saying.

With the synergy from technical expertise, specialized knowledge of physics, medical knowledge and the knowledge about patients, we are optimally prepared to support our customers effectively. Highly qualified engineers, over 25 years of experience with norming, standards and guidelines not just in the medical field are crucial points for prospective customers to choose TIM TestLab. Long years of participation in the ISO committee HME and air conditioning by our best engineers and physicists highlight the high technical expertise of TIM TestLab. More about TIM TestLab…

The quality system of the Technologie Institut Medizin (TIM) is certified by TÜV NORD after EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012.
More on TIM's QS certification.

Notified Body TÜV Nord

TIM tests

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Independent test lab since 1998.

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